Discussion questions

Discussion Board 1: How can positive life events cause stress? Be specific in your response and provide examples. Response should be at least 150 words. Discussion number 7: Conformity, compliance, and obedience are different forms of social influence. Research one specific example of conformity or obedience described in the readings (or from another credible, peer-reviewed source) that has been found to have a negative effect on the individuals involved. Describe the events and discuss what factors may have led to the resulting conformity or obedience. Then, reflect on how other factors (either present or not present during the recorded events) may have led to a different outcome and why. Be sure to reference the original source by providing the author(s) last name(s) and date of publication. Discussion Board 4: What aspects of non-verbal skills are most important for communicating with those who are close to us? How can these non-verbal skills lead to positive communication? How can they lead to negative communication (e.g., confrontations, arguments, dissolution of a relationship)? Response must be at least 200 words. Must be done by march 7 at 6 PM. Eastern time. Make sure the responses that you are doing are in order exactly how they are being asked.

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