Recruitment of Europeans into ISIS

3-6 pages not including Bibliography, default word margins, 12 pt font, 1.5 spacing. cover all the recruitment techniques but mainly focus on social media Section 1 – 2 pages Describe the subject you chose in depth by first going into its background in terms of historical, political, national, and economical aspects. You may add any additional information you may need in order to present the overall situation and the broader context. Section 2 – 3 pages Describe and explain the different aspects of the phenomenon chosen using and implementing psychological concepts, theories such as Id, Ego and Superego, personality traits: paranoid, narcissistic, antisocial, stormy, suspicious and perfectionist Be sure to demonstrate how each psychological idea you have chosen explains a relevant aspect of the described subject. For example, the mechanism of “Splitting” helps to understand how the ‘other’ represents absolute evil while ‘I’ represents absolute good. The concepts that are used should have at least one academic source affiliated with it that you found on your own. You should apply the concept using your own judgment, and explain your reasoning behind it. Section 3 – 1 page Present your findings and recommendations as if to “Decision Makers”, based on psychological insights, in a way that will assist them in handling your chosen subject. Bibliography Sources for Section 1 must come from one or more of the following: academic publications, professional magazines and books, web sites of professional institutions, and/or commercial newspaper articles written by recognized experts in the field. All sources must be properly cited. Sources for Section 2 must come from one or more of the following: academic publications, professional psychology websites, and/or web-based publications of psychologists or psychiatrists, provided that they are identified by name and professional training. All sources must be properly cited.

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