Trends in the Field of Social Psychology

What are some trends in the field of social psychology? Which trend will have the greatest influence on the field of social psychology? Why? Please cite at least one source.
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Social psychology has been defined as a study that examines the social exchanges and communications amongst groups of people and individuals, and how those moments of interchange influence the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, awareness, and actions of the individuals for periods of time or lifetimes. Ultimately, this branch of psychology deals with the study of relations between individuals and groups. According to Blackbourn, Tyler, & Thomas (2006), this area of study uses scientific methods to examine, become aware, and comprehend how the presence of other beings can influence the psychological frame of mind of another individual, including their thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and ultimately determining their actions and behaviors. Historically speaking, social psychology was experimental in nature and was first introduced by the philosopher Aristotle, who studied the basic values of social influence. Individuals are social in nature, and therefore it has led to several definitions as to what exactly this field of study (i.e. social psychology) pertains to; it in fact surrounds three areas of importance, those being social influence, interaction, and perception (Kassin, Fein, & Markus, 2008).

From a chronological perspective, social psychology began with experimental research observation methods, which then led way to the …