The effects of pet therapy on the self esteem of the hospitalized pediatric patient. A Concept analysis

The topic is the effects of pet therapy on the self esteem of the hospitalized pediatric patient. This is a Concept analysis. The main concept is bonding and relationship. May include self esteem. Introduction of the concept. The introduction described the phenomenon and provided a brief outline of the major areas to be presented. The concept is bonding/relationship of animal to hospitalized child Historical evolution. The paper clearly addressed the historical evolution from the viewpoint of different disciplines as well the discipline of nursing. This discussion should include different periods of history. Key issues. Clearly identified and discussed at least 3 to 5 conceptual or theoretical issues/frameworks that have arisen in evolution of the phenomenon. Concept analysis. The student clearly presented a beginning concept analysis using steps 4-7 of the Rodgers approach to concept analysis/development as outlined in Rodgers and Knafl (2000), page 44. Summary. A summary addressing the state of the science with respect to the phenomenon in general and implications for research addressing the concept in particular was clearly presented. Must have current references. Your references should be mostly primary sources but may include some secondary sources as appropriate. These citations should follow precise APA format (6th ed). No more than 15 pages. No plagiarism! 1. Use the following headings for this paper: Introduction, Historical evolution, Identification of Issues, Concept Analysis, Summary, and References. You may also include subheadings (optional). 2. Provide an abstract. Must be one page (may be single spaced—APA exception). Must follow the title page. Use the same headers used in the paper for the abstract which are: Introduction, Historical evolution, Identification of Issues, Concept Analysis, and Summary. 3. You may include figures or graphs (place in appendices) as appropriate to illustrate major points

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