Taking sides Psychological issues please see instructions

Here attached is the rubic and the options you can choose from for a topic. The topic is your choice as long it is on the attached file. Please I would like the paper back by 5pm in evening on 24th of February mountain time. length – Your summary of each position should take up about a page each (2 pages total), and the description of how the literacies relate to this issue should also be about 1.5-2 pages (total). The other sections (Intro, multicultural, conclusion, references) don’t necessarily need to be that long. For the Critical Literacy – describe and evaluate the reasoning used in the positions to address this issue. For the Civic Literacy – describe how this topic impacts our society, and what citizens can do to resolve it. For the Science Literacy – discuss how science is related to the topic OR how science was used in the Pro or Con arguments. You can also list an area within psychology and the type of psychologist that would study or help to resolve this controversy. For the Values Literacy – describe the values or assumptions that are found in the positions or in the topic in general. Your grade is partially determined by how you apply your issue to these literacies. Thank you!

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