Spring Break Assignment – 2016

Spring Break Assignment – 2016

So you don’t like my exams, huh? Well I’d like to see YOU do any better. No, seriously. Do better than me. For your Spring Break Assignment, I want everyone to come up with their OWN anatomy and physiology questions for the topics we cover in AP2. If you put any effort into this assignment, you may receive some points in that “Rainy Day” fund; anywhere from zero to 10 points are up for grabs. And if I REALLY like your question(s) you may see them appear on the Final Exam at the end of the semester. Here are the rules:

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  • Your questions must be ORIGINAL content; so plagiarizing or simply changing a word here and there; be creative. Humor is not discouraged, but keep it clean and more importantly, keep it on point within the realm of Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Your questions must be HANDWRITTEN. Yup. Take that. While this discourages the desire to simply copy/paste, it also ensures that you don’t pay your nerd friend/family member into typing this up for you.
    • On that note, be sure to keep your questions LEGIBLE. Use proper spelling and grammar and all that jazz. Also be sure to arrange your answer choices in a clean, easy-to-read format
  • Try to have questions of varying difficulty. You can have easy ones if you must but I DON’T want to see easy questions on the level of “The heart is found in the leg; True or False?”
  • You must have a MINIMUM of TEN questions per the following units:
    • Cardiovascular System (chapters 17-19)
    • Immune/Respiratory Systems (chapters 20-22)
    • Digestion/Metabolism (chapters 23 & 24)
    • Urinary/Fluid/pH Balance (chapters 25 & 26)
    • Reproduction/Development/Inheritance (chapters 27-29)
    • (How you divvy up the questions within these units is up to you)
  • You MUST include an answer sheet ON A SEPARATE PAGE.
  • Finally, try to use this as a learning tool to perform better on the remaining in-class exams.


. . . for realzies, not a Fool’s Day joke.

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