social justice

As part of the social justice focus of this course, this assignment asks you to analyze a news event using Maxwell’s notion of social justice and Young’s chapter on the five faces of oppression.Young’s chapter can be accessed at: Course Outline/Assignments -> Course Overview -> Resources -> Young’s Chapter. You are given several news events below. Choose one for your assignment. 1. Child Abuse: 2. Muslim Woman Attacked: 3. Security Guard: 4. Elder Abuse: 5. Nanny: This assignment has two parts. In the first part, you will critically analyze the news event or story using Maxwell and Young’s frameworks. What individuals or social group is the focus of the story? What faces of oppression are evident in the story? Be sure to include outlines of your understanding of any concepts that you incorporate in your analysis (e.g., social group, any of the five faces of oppression, and so on). Related to each of these events is an underlying problem or issue for which a Community Based Adult Education (CBAE) program could be created. For the second part of the assignment, you will create an appropriate CBAE program to address this underlying problem. Note that different people will identify different underlying problems. This is normal in constructivist theory. Review chapters four, five, and six of the course text book as you set out to create an appropriate CBAE program. Note that this is not intended to be a research assignment — stick to the issue as it is presented in the news article that you choose rather than conduct additional research into the issue.

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