Research Methods for Health Sciences Assignment

Research Methods for Health Sciences Assignment

Download Obesity map and compose a paper that: ? Provides an overview of the health issue, either obesity or tobacco use, depending on which map set you chose. ? Discusses the trends you see in the maps based on the information you have received from the TED Talk and in Seminar. Be sure to touch on: ? What each map shows. ? How the information can be combined to determine trends. ? What the trend appears to be for the United States as a whole. ? What the trend appears to be for your state. ? Locate current data on your chosen health issue than what is in the map. Has the trend from the maps continued in the same course, or has there been a change in the trend? Explain. Requirements ? Download either the Obesity Maps or Tobacco Maps. ? Compose a paper that: ? ? ? The paper should be at least 1200 words in length. Include a list of references in APA format.

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