Psychology in the Real World

Psychology in the Real World Activity Assignment #2 MLK Remembrance Day of Service Picture of Dr. MLK for Psychology in the Real-World Assignment #1 All around the United States people participated in a day of service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s work to help create a better quality of life for ALL in this country. Now, here is your chance! Serve in your local community, write a reflection paper, and earn yourself points toward your overall course grade!!! Serve a minimum of 15 hours between now and Wednesday, July 31, 2019!!! To earn full credit for this assignment, you must do the following: All students must register with the Service Learning Program located in the SPAR (S201) Office. Writing Requirements Reflect on what you learned from your community service project, how you think it might affect other people in your age group, and how community service could help training employees in the career field you are pursuing at Brookhaven College. – 10 Points Reflection paper has a minimum of 750 words – 10 Points Your title, abstract, and/or reference page(s) do not count toward your 750 words No abstract needed No citations necessary; this can be JUST your opinion – 10 Points If you use any references, you must use APA format

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