Prompt: Peru is said to be one of the most biodiverse

Discussion board topics will deal with the theme of the lesson and/or information and research related to the culture being highlighted. It is important to answer all questions in the prompt. As you read through the discussion board prompts, you will see that you are sometimes asked to research a topic and to provide a summary of your research. A summary is just that, a summary. Summary does not mean copying a pasting from a website. That could be considered plagiarism. All sources must be documented. In the prompt, you are also asked to share your own thoughts or experiences relating to the topic.


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1-Prompt: Peru is said to be one of the most biodiverse (if not the most biodiverse) places on the planet. For this discussion board, you are to research the fauna of Peru. Choose a group to study (mammals, birds, reptiles, etc.) or a geographical region (Amazon, Andes, Pacific coast). Give a brief overview of the variety of animals found in that animal class or that region, then choose one species to investigate further and state why you chose that one. Had you heard of that species before? Is it endangered? If so, what is being done to protect it? Provide a few facts about the animal (its habitat, lifespan, diet, etc.) and post the URLs of up to three websites that you consulted.

2-Prompt: The Algo sobre…paragraph on page 456 of your text talks about yerba mate, a popular tea in Argentina and Uruguay. The paragraph mentions that people drink it using special containers and utensils and shows a picture of a man drinking it. What other drinks are you familiar with that might be considered unique to a specific Spanish-speaking country or Spanish-speaking region? When you eat at Hispanic restaurants do you order those types of drinks? Do you have a favorite? If so, tell what it is and what it contains. Aside from popular soft drinks such as Coke and Pepsi, what do people drink in the US? Are certain drinks very popular in certain areas of the US or at certain times of the year?

3-Prompt: In this chapter and in previous chapters, you were introduced to different cultural traditions among Hispanic countries with regard to how personal milestones (baptisms, quinceañeras, weddings), holidays (Semana Santa, la Navidad) and festivals (Carnaval) are celebrated. For this discussion board you are to do additional research on how a personal celebration (i.e., milestone), holiday, or festival is celebrated in one or more Hispanic countries, with the exception of el Día de los Muertos, which was discussed at length in a previous class. Post the URL of the website you found to be most informative. Include any special drinks, food, songs, dances, or activities associated with the celebration. Have you personally attended the celebration about which you are reporting? If so, what were your impressions?

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