Pregnancy or Child Rearing

Each of you will CREATE, DESCRIBE, AND RESEARCH A situation of pregnancy or child rearing from the parents point of view. The expectant mother can be of ANY AGE, single or married, any SES, near family or not. The child being raised will be between six months and six years of age being raised. The “family” can be of any age, any SES, two parents, or a single parent home; raised by mother OR father. Just remember, the individual in your situation must do all the preparations him or herself. Do not rely on others, although others (ex: extended family members) may assist. One situation may include a single mother who works two jobs and has a young child to care for. Another situation could include a dual income family expecting twins. What about the situation of a military family raising children and dealing with deployments and constant moves? If using the expectant mother situation, what does pregnancy and childbirth include? Remember to should calculate the cost of doctor visits, hospital charges, layette items, maternity clothes, and other items that may be needed during pregnancy. What is the cost of hospitalization for childbirth? Would you prefer a midwife instead? Do you have insurance or will you be “paying out of pocket?” Students should decide on after care and follow-up through the first six months of the child’s life. (i.e. pediatrician, supplies, even day care). If the child rearing is chosen, what happens from about six months to entering preschool? Calculate all costs involved to still include doctors, childcare, clothes, feeding, toys, school supplies, etc. Is there a cost difference between males and females? Students should contact by phone or by face-to-face community resources. Who can help? Students should keep a log of each contact person. Students should also record the expected dollar amount of cost range of services and items. Remember, you should assume that no one will be able to “bail them out,” but may include some family assistance if applicable to the situation.

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