peer-reviewed scientific journal article focused on a Psychology topic you find interesting

Topic: Who Da Scientist? You Da Scientist! Scientists read the work of others, think about it critically, then often decide what should be done next. That will be your task in this peerScholar activity! Specifically, your task is to find some peer-reviewed scientific journal article focused on a Psychology topic you find interesting. It can be anything related to psychology, and if you don’t know how to find articles a good place to start is Google Scholar or the U of T Library website. Try to pick one with just 1 or 2 experiments, and hopefully one that isn’t too overly technical. Then do the following … 1. Read the paper carefully and, as you do, identify the theory under investigation and the specific hypothesis drawn from that theory that is being tested. 2. Begin your peerScholar composition, with a brief summary (300-400 words )of the paper you read, making sure to explain the theory, the hypothesis, the experiment, and whether the results supported the hypothesis (and how or why). 3. Then the second part of your peerScholar composition (again, 300-400 words) should be your idea of what you think should be done next. You can propose a different way of testing the same hypothesis, or you can suggest a new or extended hypothesis that you derived from the theory, and explain how you would test that. You need to answer the following questions: What population will you be testing? What are your dependent and independent variables? How will you measure them? What is your hypothesis? What result do you expect, and why? If you saw that result what would it say about the theory? Citations You only need to read the one paper you choose, but you can also read more if you like. You must reference all papers you refer to in proper APA style. Any claim you make that is not obviously true must be backed up by a citation, in APA style. By that, we mean both an in-text citation and a reference list in APA style. If you need to learn more about APA style, check out this website. If you need further assistance, please visit the UTSC library! Word Limit Part of the task is to create an efficient argument. Your argument should be between 600 and 800 words (excluding reference list and citations). If your work is noticeably outside these guidelines, you will lose marks. Anonymity These compositions are meant to be anonymous. You should not include any identifying information with your composition. DO NOT write your name or student number in the assignment, just write your composition. Academic Integrity If you are suspected of plagiarism, the case is sent to the Departmental Chair and the Academic Integrity Office for them to meet with you and determine what sanctions will be imposed. This is a lengthy process, and your course grade will be withheld until the integrity issue is resolved. If you plagiarize, often you don’t get just zero on the assignment — it may be the case that you lose 2 or 3 times the value of the assignment from your grade. So just don’t do it! Here is a resource about how to avoid plagiarizing. If you feel you need more information on this, please visit the UTSC Writing Centre (AC210, across from the Library). They offer one-on-one drop-in sessions to help you with your writing! FAQ Q: Can I use personal pronouns? A: Yes. Q: Can I cite the textbook? A: The textbook is not a primary source. You will see throughout the book that the authors provide citations for the sources of their information, and that there is a references section at the back of the textbook. You should find the original article that the textbook is referencing, read it, and use the original work for your citation. Q: Can I go over 800 words? A: Part of your mark is for creating an efficient argument. If your work is noticeably over the word limit, the TAs will deduct marks. Q: Do I need to double space / include a running head / etc.? A: Nope, for this assignment we do require that your references be in APA style (in-text and reference list), but we aren’t concerned with spacing or the other elements of APA style for this assignment. Q: Can I make changes to my work after I’ve submitted it? A: You can edit it up until the deadline. Log in and click the orange “Create Phase” button, and then there is an “Edit” button on the top right.

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