NUR504 Week 4 Collaborative Learning Community: EBP Identification

NUR504 Week 4 Collaborative Learning Community: EBP Identification

This is a CLC assignment. Follow the instructions provided in “CLC Assignment: Evidence-Based Project (EBP).” Utilize the Synthesis Table, Table of Evidence and EBA Project Evaluation Tool to complete your CLC assignment. Submit these documents in Topic 5 as the CLC assignment. APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin, unless otherwise directed by your instructor. If so directed, refer to the Student Success Center for directions. Only Word documents can be submitted to Turnitin. Synthesis Table Example Name of Article Name of Article Name of Article Name of Article Levels of Evidence Study Design Variable to be studied Variable to be studied Variable to be studied Compare template above to my table below. At a glance you can see the names of the most important articles I choose, the level of evidence of that study, what the design was, and what variables were important to know about in each article. As you study the table, the reader can clearly see more studies in support of BiPAP than IS along with other information that would be of interest to the provider to support standards of care. Table 2 Synthesis of IS and NIPPV Evidence /Types of Surgery _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EBP Synthesis Table 2 Guimaraes M. 2008 Gosseling, R. 2000 Joris, J. 1997 Ebeo, C. 2002 Westwood K. 2007 Leech, C 2007 Freitas, E. 2007 Overend, R. 2001 Sungur, M. 2007 Bourne, R. 2007 El Solh 2006 National Guideline Clearing House 2004 Levels of Evidence I II II II III VII I I VII IV III I Design Systematic Review RTC RCT RCT Observational Study-Non Randomized Case Report RTC Systematic Review Expert Comment Retrospective Quantitative Prospective Control Trial NGC/AHRQ Guideline Evidence does not support IS in prevention of PPCs X X X X Evidence supporting use of IS to prevent PPCs X Evidence Supporting Use of NIPPV to Prevent PPCs X X X X X X X NIPPV/BiPAP Treatment 12/4 12-24hrs Post-op 2 out of 3 hrs X X Intraoperative & 3hrs post-op 48 hrs post extubation 5 on out of 6 hrs BiPAP S/T-D Obese Related Surgery X X X Hip X X X Obese patients X (OSA & surgery) Abdominal Surgery X X X X X Thoracic Area/Cardiac X X X QRTC= quasi-experimental -nonrandomized controlled trials CD=cross-over design CS=case series PCS= prospective cohort study RCS=retrospective case series MA=meta-analysis NIPPV=Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation BiPAP=Bi-level positive airway pressure hrs=hours NUR-504: Table of Evidence Study 1 Study 2 Study 3 Study 4 Study 5 Author Study title Research Questions Design Setting/Sample Methods: intervention/instruments Analysis Key findings Recommendations How this supports EBP/Capstone EBP Project Evaluation Citation Purpose Design Subject/Setting Findings/Results Independent Variable Dependent Variable Implication for Practice Methods Data Analysis Stats Level & Quality of Evidence (Strength & Confidence to Act) .1em;”>

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NUR504 Week 4 Collaborative Learning Community: EBP Identification

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