Movie (Response Paper: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Movie Response Paper ; The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Due by 1:00 pm Eastern time on 7/30 REQUIREMENTS: 1200 words minimum Use Response paper Guidelines attached and questions below as thought prompts for the “your reflection” part of the response paper and for the “analysis” part of the paper please explore ideas from various theories of personal identity and any relevant thought experiments or criticisms. Thought Prompts: –John Locke, in one of the first modern accountings of consciousness and identity, argued that personal identity is defined not by the physical body or the “soul”, but by repeated self-identification. Thus, according to Locke, memory is an integral aspect of the self. Are Clementine and Joel different people after they have their memories erased? In other words, have their identities changed in some meaningful way? Does this movie help confirm or deny Locke’s thesis? —Consider that elective plastic surgery might be a real-life analogue to the memory-erasing procedure. On the American TV show “Extreme Makeover”, people are given plastic surgery as part of a radical image upgrade. Do these peoples’ identities change in any meaningful way? Does your answer to the previous question help confirm or deny Locke’s idea of identity? What theory of personal identity does this contrast and/or fit with? — Describe some views of the self and point out the role of memory in each, the differences and similarities, and relate them to the historical times in which they arose. Compare and contrast these views with your own view of the concept of self. How do they relate with the movie? Does the movie have its own theory of the self? LINK TO MOVIE:

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