Identity and assessing risk of young offenders

MUST READ topic is: tools for Identify and assessing risk of young offenders The main purpose of this assignment is to help you become familiar with psychological writing and to research a specific topic in forensic psychology. term paper: The paper should be 10 pages NOT including title page and references), 12-point font, SINGLE spaced. TOPIC- read proposal that is my proposal for my psychology paper and what it should be about. the main research should be around the 2 attached forms. * Also the feed back was to focus on the YLS /CMI and SAVRY.** well-written papers in psychology are organized around the following guidelines and criteria, you should carefully consider these recommendations when drafting your term paper: introduction at the start of the paper. This should include a brief overview of your topic, your thesis statement, a statement of the purpose of your paper, and a quick summary ofthe topic areas/issues to be covered in your paper. There should be few or no surprises for thereader as they read through your paper, as your introduction should indicate the direction and topics that will be discussed. The “thesis statement” refers to the central or core argument of yourpaper. What is it that you are trying to convince me to believe? What is the “take-home” messageof your paper? These questions should be considered when formulating your thesis statement. The body of the paper will involve fleshing out your argument and key issues through a carefully balanced review, summary, and analysis of the research literature. When discussing a research finding, review it in about a paragraph or less, depending on its complexity and purpose. Do not include demographic information or extraneous methodological details when citing research unless they are relevant or important. Generally, you should include either a statement about the main findings, or a brief summary that includes the researchers’ hypothesis, the variables being manipulated, measures used, and the key results. Finally, you may also choose to use subheadings in order to impose more structure and organization which can greatly improve thecoherence and readability of your paper. The conclusion of your paper should include a restatement of your thesis and the purpose of your paper, as well as a brief summary of the body of your paper. You can then choose to follow up with any dramatic quotes, closing arguments, or anecdotes to bring your paper to a close. All papers must be written in APA format. A Papers that do not follow APA format will be penalized 10% of the mark originally assigned.

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