HCA 465 Week 3 CLC Health Care Organizational Department Structure Development

HCA 465 Week 3 CLC Health Care Organizational Department Structure Development

This is a Collaborative Learning Community assignment. Use the health care organization that your team chose in Module 1 and collectively identify one department within the organization (e.g., Quality Improvement, Risk Management, Human Resources, Utilization Management, Case Management/Social Services, Nursing). Staff the department appropriately by having each team member adopt a key role within the department. Research other industry leaders, gaining a concept of organization structure. Put together an organizational chart for the department including the key roles and salaries/hourly wages selected and any other roles identified in the department. Open PowerPoint Go to Insert>Smart Art Click on one of the organizational chart templates Put together a PowerPoint presentation of 20-24 slides with speaker’s notes on the roles and responsibilities of the position that each team member selected, compensation determination, credentials, licenses, certifications that these roles would need/want to be successful in the position, and the organizational chart established. The student should be able to continue the working relationships developed in week 1 and with the use of different media to produce a professional product.

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HCA 465 Week 3 CLC Health Care Organizational Department Structure Development

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