EDUC 6610 Week 1 Assignment: Week 1 Assignment

EDUC 6610 Week 1 Assignment: Week 1 Assignment

Being a Life-Long Learner and Becoming a Professional TeacherTeaching is not considered a profession in much of society. According to Bair, one of the reasons for this is that there is not a particular set of standards that all teachers are expected to perform (2014). However, there are numerous groups and individuals who are working towards creating a set of norms that would identify professional teachers (Danielson, 1996; Garmston, 1998; NBPTS, 1989). In examining Garmston’s six areas to develop as a teacher (1998) and the four parts of Danielson’s framework for professional practice (1996), I have noted my own strengths and weaknesses in each area.Content knowledge has never been a huge focus of mine, as I expect to have a deeper understanding of my content than my third-grade students. However, Garmston insightfully suggests that the more we know as teachers, the more this gives us the freedom to allow students to explore that content (1998). One of my goals for this coming year is to find an area within the science curriculum to research more in depth and provide my students with opportunities to explore this area as well.Both content knowledge and pedagogy fit within the second of the five core standards (NBPTS, 1989). I have gained more teaching strategies each year I teach through reflecting on ways I can improve my classroom, collaboration with colleagues, professional development, and reading books such as Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids (Biffle, 2013). However, up until now, I did not take it upon myself to pursue professional development apart from what was required by the school system. In reading chapter two, On Being a Learner, of Kottler, Kottler, and Zehm’s book, I was reminded of the importance of modeling the life-long learning I hope to instill in my students (2005). I have taken further steps by subscribing to various education blogs, and teaching organizations (edWeb LLC, 2015; George Lucas Educational Foundation,
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BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL TEACHER32015; PEN Group Online, 2015; Teaching Blog Addict, 2014; UNESCO, 2014). These resources as well as different professional websites I have visited give me a wealth of information and strategies to use in my classroom as well as opportunities to interact with other colleagues (International Literacy Association, 2015; National Education Association, 2014; NBPTS, 2014; Phi Delta Kappa International, n.d.). My goal is to read at least one article a week throughout thisschool year to gain strategies for my classroom.Collegial interaction is an area in w………………………..

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