Design and validate a new test to assess the effect of concussion sustained during a military deployment.

About the topic: For this topic, it is worth noting that a sizeable body of research exists on the efficacy of pre- and post-season cognitive testing with athletes participating in contact sports. One approach might be to try to apply the same principles to a military context. About the attached file: 1. Assignment Briefing.docx – is about the task of the topic (what should you do and some information about this assignment) ***please look carefully what you have to do and follow the instruction, it is so important to follow the instruction then get a higher marks 2. ***PSYC3020 Research Proposal Template.docx – you must use this template to finish this assignment, you cannot use another format to do it ( it is the important thing I have to remind you) 3. Marking Criteria.png – which is a screenshot of the marking criteria, to let you know how to easy to get marks 4. Example assignment 1 – this is a sample example to give you a way how the perious student to finish this assignment Later I will give you some lecture notes to you, let you know what theories I am learning about, and applicate on this assignment. Because this assignment needs to use some theories to write it. This assignment is so important to me, I wish I can get grade 5 or above. I hope you can help me. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you for your help. Thank you so much!!!

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