Cognitive Psychology Research Paper: Christian Perspective

This project is to help you to develop a formal research paper in the field of cognitive science. You are required to research a topic in the field of cognitive science, using at least 10 references from primarily peer-reviewed journals. You are also required to find a way to personalize your project. In other words, you are to learn more about the topic than merely the facts. You may observe the topic within the community, interview someone about the topic, or design your own experiment to observe the concept. For example, if your topic is on flashbulb memories, you might want to interview someone who experienced some sort of unusual or surprising event to better understand the concept of flashbulb memories. Your paper is to be at least 8 pages with at least 10 professional references. Make sure that you are thorough. Your Reference page at the end of your paper will NOT include the annotations (i.e., summaries). Make sure you refer to your APA manual for APA style rather than web sites or crib sheets, which might be incorrect. This video provides an in-depth explanation of APA style (6th ed.) and addresses some of the questions students most frequently ask when formatting their essays. I recommend watching this video in order to make sure you don’t lose points unnecessarily based on style and formatting. This video provides an in-depth explanation of plagiarism, including some of the most common mistakes OPS students make when completing essays. I highly recommend watching this video before completing your paper. Guidelines: 1) The paper will be no less than 8 pages in length, excluding Title page, Abstract page, and Reference page. 2) The paper will be in APA format, with a Title page, Abstract page, and Reference Page, using 12-point font and Times New Roman, with 1″ margins. 3) The paper will include at least 10 professional references, of which 7 must be from peer-reviewed academic journals. 4) The paper will include an Introduction, Literature review, and Discussion section; the Discussion section will include personalization of the topic via some sort of community observation or interview, as well as personal reflections from a Christian perspective. Grading: This presentation is worth a total of 150 points as the capstone project for this course. Papers will be graded using the following rubric: APA Style/Formatting (20 points) – APA style/formatting is used consistently throughout the article with minimal to no errors: the title page is in APA style; articles are cited appropriately in APA style; spelling, grammar, and punctuation are congruent with APA style; the Reference page is consistent with APA style. Structure (30 points) – Introduction, Literature Review, and Discussion sections are well developed and supported by empirical research within the cognitive sciences; construction of topic is put into a logical order and is a synthesis of the research on the topic; the Discussion section flows from the Introduction and Literature Review sections, offering personal reflections on the topic; the length of paper is at least 8 pages, with 12-point font and 1” margins on all sides. Literature Review (50 points) – At least 10 peer-reviewed research articles are used from the cognitive sciences, and the articles used represent diverse research outcomes and are relevant to the topic studied. Topic Personalization (25 points) – The topic is personalized in the Discussion section via interviewing a family member, observing the phenomenon within the local community, etc.; the author also discusses his or her own personal reactions to the topic. Faith Integration (25 points) – In the Discussion section, the topic is explicated through the lens of a Christian worldview via supporting passages in scripture or doctrinal statements; the author discusses how the topic relates to his or her own faith journey. -This Research paper is on Memory errors, specifically FALSE MEMORIES in the area of cognitive psychology, and how false memories relate to the reported alien abductions. – I have the 10 references needed for this paper in PDF form available for the writer. -Formal APA format.

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