Capella BSN4016 All Assignment

Capella BSN4016 All Assignment

Capella BSN4016 Unit 3 Assignment 1 latest 2016 December

Pharmacological Treatments


  • For
    this assignment, you will select and examine a disease or health condition
    that requires a pharmacological intervention. You may choose any disease
    or health condition you wish, but the disease or health condition must be
    relevant to nurses in a variety of settings (for example, the E.R.,
    pediatrics, public health). Once you have selected and identified a
    disease or health condition, identify the areas where nurses are likely to
    see the disease or health condition.


  • Identify
    the disease or health condition.
  • Describe
    the health issues or symptoms associated with the condition.
  • Identify
    drugs most often used in the treatment of the condition.
  • Explain
    the types of actions, side effects, indications, and contraindications
    that could be expected from this pharmacological treatment.
  • Describe
    the treatment regime (including pharmacology) that is most often
    prescribed for this condition.
  • Explain
    how this treatment regime, including pharmacology, impacts a client’s
    lifestyle (including financials, ease of administration – complexity, how
    hard are instructions to understand – frequency, length of medication).

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    • Are
      there any controversies related to the medication? For example, is there
      a black box warning with this medication?
  • Describe
    how a nurse should monitor a client being treated for this condition in
    order to obtain a quality patient outcome.

Additional Requirements

  • Length
    of paper
    Be as specific as possible, but try to limit this assignment to no more
    than 4 pages, not including title page and reference page.
  • References: Support your
    plan with references to at least two resources, in which one resource
    should be outside the required readings for this course.
  • Formatting: Follow proper
    APA style and formatting.

  Capella BSN4016 Unit 5 Assignment 1 latest 2016 December

Patient Education Sheet


  • This
    assignment consists of two important techniques needed to ensure patient
    safety and quality outcomes related to pharmacological therapies. For this
    assignment, assume your supervisor has asked you to develop a patient
    education tool for new “medication starts” in your current area
    of practice. You will complete a literature search in order to discover
    current information (less than 5 years old) on the medication. This
    information will then be utilized to prepare a single-page, evidence-based
    teaching tool that highlights patient safety. In the second part of the
    assignment, you will describe the process of creating the tool, based on
    your findings, in a short, scholarly report.


Part 1: Patient Education Sheet
  • Create
    a patient education sheet. You can either choose an idea from below or
    choose your own topic:

    • Antibiotics
      (Amoxil/Amoxicillin) for pediatric ear infections.
    • Statin
      therapy (Zocor/Simvastatin) for a newly diagnosed patient with
    • Antihypertensive
      (ACE Inhibitors/Lisinopril/Zestril) for a patient who was discovered to
      have hypertension at a work health screening.
    • Drugs
      for treating gastric acidity: Proton pump inhibitors/antacids/H2 blockers
      for a patient complaining of chronic indigestion and heart burn.
    • Ear
      drops or eye drops for an elderly patient.
    • Any
      newly released medication for a patient in your typical practice (can be
      a new drug for diabetes, hypertension, or arthritis; or a new
  • Research
    the medication you have chosen and determine what information needs to be
    included on a patient education sheet. As you are aware, different drugs
    have different safety factors that have to be discussed to increase
    compliance and patient safety.

    • What
      information does the patient or caretaker of a patient need to know?
    • Choose
      the categories that you feel are the most important to highlight for your
      patients (remember that you are creating asingle-pageeducation

      • Limit
        yourself to 3–5 categories to improve patient understanding. Examples of
        categories could include, but are not limited to, common indications,
        side effects, questions to ask your doctor, contraindications, and drug
        storage and disposal.
      • Use
        pictures that help reinforce education.
  • Attach
    the patient education sheet as an appendix to your paper or attach it as a
    separate document.
Part 2: Justification of Information
  • Justify
    why you decided to highlight your specific educational topics.
  • Describe
    your chosen categories and explain why you felt these were key issues for
    patient safety.
  • Discuss
    any consideration to the patient’s cultural needs that were incorporated
    into the design of the patient education sheet.
  • Explain
    why you feel those format or design elements were important.

Additional Requirements

  • Length
    of patient education sheet
    : 1 page.
  • Length
    of justification paper
    : 2–3 pages.
  • References: Support your
    decisions with references to this week’s readings and other current (less
    than 5 years old) peer-reviewed journal articles and evidence-based
    materials. Demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between
    patient safety, quality outcomes, and pharmacology.
  • Formatting: Follow proper
    APA style and formatting.

 Capella BSN4016 Unit 6 Assignment 1 latest 2016 December



The Riverbend City mission in this unit illustrated the
importance of effective communication. For this assignment, describe two
strategies that you use in your nursing practice to effectively communicate
with other members of your team, and with your patients.


  • Describe
    two strategies that are used in your nursing practice to effectively
    communicate with members of your team and with your patients.
  • Explain
    how the communication strategies reflect your knowledge of pharmacology
    policies and procedures, protocol, practice standards, and regulatory
  • Explain
    how the communication strategies demonstrate respect for others and
    cultural competence.
  • Explain
    how the communication strategies ensure patient safety with regard to the
    delivery of pharmacological agents

Additional Requirements

  • Length
    of paper
    No more than 3 pages, not including the title page and reference page.
  • References: At least two
    scholarly references, including this week’s reading assignment.
  • Formatting: Follow proper
    APA style and formatting.

 Capella BSN4016 Unit 7 Assignment 1 latest 2016 December

Health Disparities


As you think about the patients you currently serve or hope to
work with in the future, it is important to be aware of the health disparities
some populations experience. In this assignment, you will examine health
disparities for a population of your choice and then offer a community-based
approach to improve patient outcomes. When selecting your population, consider
aspects of culture, geographical area, generational factors, and any other
factors that might be considered outside the perspective of the majority
population. Describe the types of health disparities for this group, and then
select one health care concern to focus on for the rest of the assignment. For
example, the elderly might be your population and the health care concern could
be heart disease.


  • Specify
    the selected population.
  • Identify
    the types of health disparities for this group and select one health care
    concern to focus on for this assignment.
  • Distinguish
    factors that create health disparities for this population.

    • Why
      does this group have health disparities?
  • Describe
    the identified health concern for this population as well as the
    pharmacological treatment for the condition.
  • Describe
    and discuss how the cultural values, socio-economic status, and
    traditional beliefs and practices impact the acceptance of pharmacological
    treatment for this identified health concern.
  • Offer
    at least one strategy for a community-based approach to improve the
    current pharmacological treatment regimens for this population.

    • What
      types of community outreach programs could be consulted to effectively
      reach your target population?
    • Are
      there education, access, or other issues that community programs could
      help address?
  • Discuss
    why you believe this strategy would be effective. Support your rationale
    with references from at least three resources, at least two of which must
    be from resources not required for this course.

Additional Requirements

  • Length
    of paper
    3–4 pages, not including title page and reference page.
  • References: At least
    three resources, two of which must be from resources not required for this
  • Formatting: Follow proper
    APA style and formatting.
BSN4016 Unit 9 Assignment latest 2016 December

Issues in Pharmacology: A Nursing Perspective


In a professional nursing practice, you will often have patients
whose personal or cultural views on medications may be quite different from
your own. For this assignment, assume that one of the issues below has become a
hot topic in your health care organization or community. You have been asked by
leadership to prepare a PowerPoint presentation to your nursing colleagues in
an effort to raise awareness of the topic. Please view the “Guidelines for
Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” linked in Resources, as well.

  • The
    use of medical marijuana.
  • The
    use of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) versus traditional
  • Experimental
    drug programs and disease management.
  • Mandated
    vaccinations and the implications for parental choice not to vaccinate.


To prepare your presentation, research current, peer-reviewed
journals for articles that present at least two perspectives on the topic. Your
PowerPoint presentation should include the following:

  • Discuss
    the significance of the topic to your nursing practice and to patient

    • What
      are the common types of diseases and health issues that are impacted by
      this topic?
    • What
      type of patient is typically impacted by this issue?
    • What
      nursing departments or internal departments are impacted by this issue?
  • Present
    a balanced overview of the issue, including pros and cons, supported by
    peer-reviewed journal articles. The focus of this overview might vary
    depending on the issue but be mindful of the following:

    • Community
    • Patient
    • Ethical
    • Health
      care organization impact.
  • Describe
    how a patient’s cultural beliefs can impact the issue.

Additional Requirements

  • Length
    of PowerPoint
    : 10–12 slides, not including the title slide and
    reference slide
  • References: Use the
    “presenter notes” section of the PowerPoint to include the
    references that support your evidence as well as detailed information you
    would include if presenting this information to an audience. The last
    slide of the PowerPoint should include a list of the references. Please
    review the “Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations,”
    linked in the Resources.
  • Formatting: Follow proper
    APA style and formatting.

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