Capella BSN4014 Unit 5 Discussion 1

Capella BSN4014 Unit 5 Discussion 1

Healthy People


  • For this discussion question you will need to select one of the scenarios presented in the “Scenarios for Health People Discussion” linked in the resources, as well as visit the Healthy People 2020, before completing the following:
  • Identify one Healthy People 2020 objective and develop one culturally competent primary prevention health teaching program applicable to your scenario.
  • Your plan must also include one specific nursing intervention, a rationale for the intervention, and how you will evaluate the intervention. As you develop your plan, please be sure to consider all relevant factors, such as biological and environmental influences on health, cultural influences, and lifestyle influences.

Limit the length of your plan to between 200 and 500 words.

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Response Guidelines

Review a fellow learner’s post. Choose one post and evaluate its plan while considering the following:

  • Have they offered a sound rationale for each intervention?
  • Have they considered all relevant factors?

Your response post should be about 75 words, but may be longer. If you are responding with a personal perspective or an example from your workplace experience, you are not required to cite a source. However, if you offer an alternative viewpoint or refer to the ideas or work of others in your response to a classmate, your response must be supported with an outside source, which you must cite using APA style.

Capella BSN4014 Unit 5 Discussion 1

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