BSN4016 Pharmacology for Patient Safety

BSN4016 Pharmacology for Patient Safety

Pharmacology and Cultural Competence


Cultural sensitivity and cultural competence are important aspects of the care nurses provide and they are vital components in the nurse-client relationship. For this discussion:

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  • Describe the type of training offered in your workplace to promote cultural competence.
    • How has this training helped you to provide quality care for patient populations with different types of health disparities?
    • How has the training helped you specifically with the pharmacological aspects of the care you provide?
    • Are there other types of training that you feel would be beneficial with regard to cultural competence?
  • Support your observations with references in the current scholarly literature and the reading assignments for this unit.

Response Guidelines

Respond to the post of one of your peers. How is the training at his or her workplace similar or different from the training provided at your workplace? Are there aspects of your peer’s training that you think would be useful for you? Your response should indicate that you have read the weekly readings and contain at least one reference. Additionally, make sure that your response is in accordance with any of the established faculty expectations. Always be sure to follow proper APA style and formatting for any citations and references.

BSN4016 Pharmacology for Patient Safety Essays

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