BSN4014 Global Perspectives of Community and Public Service

BSN4014 Global Perspectives of Community and Public Service

Identify Nursing Leadership Priorities

In today’s healthcare nursing, roles and priorities have shifted to providing high-quality care at a lower cost by hospitals. Our healthcare system is going in a direction where the individual or the patient is going to be held accountable for their health. The transformation will mean that our healthcare system will go from an illness system to a preventative and wellness system and a system that manages their individual’s chronic illness. Our healthcare providers will need to transform into a system that is different from what our system is now. Hospitals are already being paid from patient satisfaction scores. When the outcomes of patients are poor, reimbursement for the hospital is affected. The future for successful hospitals will be to operate at high-quality, effective care by creating a culture of a valued base system. After brainstorming,several nursing priorities came to mind. These are the three that are important and relevant to ourunit in perioperative services.Nursing PrioritiesOne of the most important priorities is cultivating nursing attitudes when change is takingplace. For a nursing leader to be successful in implementing change, the attitudes of the nursing unit must be cultivated and in line with the direction the organization is going.1) Cultivating an attitude in nursing that is on track with where the organization is going.According to (Taylor, 2014) to have success when implementing change in the perioperative environment one must have a positive attitude and same perception as the organization of the hospital. The leader must know how to respond to the crisis, adjusting roles, shifts and habits ofnurses to make the perioperative area successful. The successful leader knows that the department has a responsibility in making the department successful if the leader wants to
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IDENTIFY NURSING LEADERSHIP PRIORITIES3achieve a high-performance perioperative department. The second priority that is essential to thesuccess of the hospital is increasing patient satisfaction survey scores. It is imperative that the hospitals satisfaction scores are satisfactory. Unfortunately, the standards of the patient are very high, and there is not much room for low satisfactory scores of the patients.2) Increasing patient satisfaction survey scores in the perioperative unit by enhancing nursing performance and position in healthcare.According to (Anderson, 2011) the affordable care act implemented new regulations for hospital reimbursement. Hospitals are no longer paid by volume; they are paid by value. Nursing management and leaders have a very important management skill, and that is to accomplish giving an improved quality standard of care wh…………………….

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BSN4014 Global Perspectives of Community and Public Service

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