APA Citation Assignment

Your Assignment: Imagine that your best friend knows you are taking a psychology course and wonders what psychology is all about. How would you define psychology for your friend? The requirements of this assignment are: • Write an essay on the discipline of psychology. • Minimum of 300 words. • Use THREE sources. o The first source may be your textbook. o The second should be the following APA monitor article: http://www.apa.org/monitor/2011/02/stem.aspx Review the APA Resources found on the Course Information page before starting this assignment. You will be using those skills to complete the assignment. For all written work in this course, it is expected that you will write using your OWN words. You are expected to discuss psychological concepts, theories, and research results. In doing so, you will learn to communicate using the “language” and terminology of Psychology. However, if you describe the theory or research results of others, you must paraphrase the main ideas in your own words. Paraphrasing is the only way you can clearly show your instructor what YOU have learned. Quotes and In-Text Citations Quotes are rarely used in scientific writing. Therefore, using quotes is strongly discouraged unless the quote clearly enhances a point you are trying to make. Again, it is better to paraphrase the idea or research finding in your own words. If you do use short quotes, you must cite the quote using an in-text citation referencing where the quote came from. Also, whenever you discuss an idea or fact that is (a) not your own or (b) common knowledge, you must also provide an in-text citation. Even if you agree with the ideas of others, you must provide in-text citations crediting these individuals for their original o The third should be a scholarly source of your choice. Scholarly sources

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