Analyzing the Losses of Others

Analyzing the Losses of Others

Background:  This project will involve interviewing three individuals about their most significant loss in Life.  You will then analyze your findings in relation to concepts from the text/class

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  1. Interview 3 people about the thoughts and feelings they experienced relative to the GREATEST loss in their lives.  Ask each person, “What is the greatest loss that you have experienced in your life so far?”  Remember the loss does not have to be about death!  Let each person decide his/her own greatest loss.  If at all possible you will want to interview relatives for this project.  You may be surprised at the insights you gain into your own family.
  2. Before you interview your interviewees, be sure to compose a list of questions that you will ask.  Ask each person the same questions.  You may also use some of the sample questions listed below.  You must ask a minimum of five (5) questions.
  • What was your greatest loss so far in your life?
  • What exactly happened?
  • Did you experience any different physical symptoms as a result of this loss?
  • Were there any unusual emotional thoughts or feelings you had as a result of this loss?
  • Were there any changes in your daily routine following this loss?
  • How were your sleep patterns affected by this loss?
  • What words best describe exactly what you lost from your life?
  • Has this loss changed you as a person?  If so, how?
  • Has this loss helped you to understand others who have had a similar loss?  In what ways?
  1. Face-to-face interviews are strongly recommended!  Skype interviews are allowed.  Email and telephone interviews are NOT permitted.  It is important for you to see the facial expressions of the person you are interviewing.  Sometimes these will tell you more than the person verbalizes.
  2. Be probative in your interviews.  When a person gives a one word answer, follow up with something like, “Tell me how that felt.”  “Describe what you mean when you say….”
  3. Summary Section: Write a summary of your 3 interviews.  Compare the answers from your respondents.  How do their loss experiences compare with yours?
  4. Conclusion Section : What was most remarkable to you about this project?  Did any of your interviewee’s answers surprise you or were they exactly what you expected?  What lessons did you learn while doing this assignment 

    Formatting Instructions _ Paper must include:

  • Title Page with the title of project, class name, class number, your full name, and date.
  • Name of each person you interviewed and their relationship to you.
  • Exact time, dates, and locations that you interviewed each person.
  • Each person’s signature,  These will be hand written on a separate piece of paper.
  • Each person’s answers as verbatim as possible.  Do not write it from the 3rd person, “He said that…” typed directly beneath each question(single space the answers)  Use boldtype for the questions and regular type for the answers.
  • A summary section Double-space this section.
  • A conclusion section. What was most remarkable or noteworthy to you?  Why? What did you learn from this assignment?
  • 1” margins on all sides.  Please use Microsoft Word.  12 point font size.  Number your pages in the top right hand corner.

* Also there are attachments have some information from my instructor

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