The Role of Research and statistics

Discuss the role of research and statistics in clinical psychology
The differences between clinical psychology and other mental health professions (i.e. social worker, psychiatry, school psychology,…
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Before beginning the comparison of clinical psychology it is important to recognize what clinical psychology is defined as and what it encompasses:

Psychology is the science of human behavior. As scientists, psychologists attempt to understand, predict, and control human behavior. Clinical psychology is the specialty area of psychology that deals with emotional disturbance and mental health. The field of clinical psychology draws on the basic research data from psychology and several related areas of science in order to promote health and effective coping with life events. (Hersen & Walker, 1998, p. xv)

Using the definition of clinical psychology given above we can now discuss the role of research and statistics. The use of research and statistics adds a dimension of science to the field of clinical psychology. The use of statistics allows the clinical psychologist to formulate fact based hypothesis which can be applied across a broad spectrum of mental illness, this wide spectrum allows for standardized treatment. The clinical psychologist is well versed in many areas …

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