The interaction of heredity and the environment

Explain how heredity and the environment interact to produce individual differences in development. I have to address the following issue:

-Define and describe shared and nonshared environmental experiences and the role each plays in development.
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I. Two primary factors that shape development
A. Heredity is the passing of traits from parents to offspring.
1.Heredity consists of the genetic structure that an individual inherits from his/her parents.
B. Environment is the totality of circumstances surrounding an organism or group of organisms, especially: the complex of social and cultural conditions affecting the nature of an individual or community.
1.One influence of an individual’s development is the collective experiences he/she has from his/her dialy interaction with the surrounding environment.
C. The interaction between heredity and the environment in individual development

  1. Parents pass on genetic traits to their children.
  2. The child’s physical characteristics are alike to his parents in all essential structures like the heart and functions like circulation.
  3. Various forms of individual development are biologically predetermined. However an individual’s interactions with his/her environment combined with these predetermined factors greatly …

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