Reflection on History of Psychology

Choose an area of psychology covered during the course that is of interest to you or in which you already work, such as developmental, cognitive, neuroscience, et cetera. You will be describing the historical progression of this particular area of psychology. How did it develop as a specialized area of psychology? You will then be illustrating how this area of psychology has both been influenced by social or political events, as well as has influenced social or political events. To get an idea of the many specializations to choose from, visit the American Psychological Associations divisions (linked in the Resources). To see an overview of the 56 divisions by topic or number, click Browse Divisions by Topic or Number under Quick Links. You can use information from APA’s Web sites as a professional source for your paper. Note that the information on the Web site does not qualify as a scholarly source. In a well-written 4–5 page scholarly paper please address the following: Begin with a discussion of the historical progression of your chosen area of psychology. Describe how this area of psychology evolved into a specialization. For the body of your paper, provide discussion on the relationship between your chosen field in psychology and society through social and political influences. Within the context of your chosen field, your paper must address: How the particular area of psychology that you chose influences social and political events. Provide specific examples supported by your readings. How social and political events have influenced this area of psychology. Provide specific examples supported by your readings. How two areas in practice and research that apply to your chosen field in psychology affect society in a helpful and a harmful manner. For example, two areas you might focus on in cognitive psychology are the use of brain scanning technology and research in the area of attention processes. Use specific “real world” examples, and support your examples with information from your readings. Conclude your paper with a reflection on how and why knowledge of the history of psychology is necessary for those who want to work in your chosen field. In addition to other professional sources, such as your textbook, use a minimum of two scholarly sources to support your ideas. Please note that popular websites are not acceptable sources of support. Requirements You do not need an index or abstract for this essay. Use the APA Style Paper Template to complete this assignment. Written communication: Must be free of errors that detract from the overall message. Resources and citations: Must be formatted according to APA (6th Edition) guidelines. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point. Portfolio Prompt: In preparation for your capstone course, you are encouraged to save this learning activity to your ePortfolio, which allows you to organize and present a collection of your accomplishments, evaluations, and reflections online. Resources Reflection on History of Psychology Scoring Guide. APA Divisions. ePortfolio. APA Style Paper Template.

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