Group Application of a Family System Approach

WK11 Scenario of Bill and Julie W. Bill and Julie W. have been married for 22 years. They have three children: Bill Jr., 20, Allie, 16, and Turner, 8, often referred to as Turnip. Bill is a successful petroleum engineer. Julie has a Master’s degree in science and has worked as a lead researcher for a national pharmaceutical company. Surrounded by supportive family and friends in Chicago, Bill and Julie have had a solid relationship over the years. Six months ago, the family moved from Chicago, IL, to Dallas, TX, due to a massive realignment within the petroleum industry. The initial joy and excitement of moving to a warmer climate soon faded as the family struggled with the transition. Neither Bill nor Julie knew a soul in Dallas. Issues like finding the right neighborhood, house, schools, even doctors, became points of contention. Julie felt overwhelmed, isolated and not supported by Bill, who “is always at work”. Bill felt enormous pressure to establish a good impression at his new job, and felt like Julie was being selfish and needy. There has lately been talk of separation and possible divorce. Bill Jr., who is off at college, has felt that perhaps he should forego his education and move back home, to see if he can be of help. Concurrently, Allie’s academic performance at her new school has declined. She is skipping assignments, doing poorly on her tests, and is showing little interest in her academics. Allie is normally a strong A/B student and her current behavior is out of character for her. Turnip just seems to be sad a majority of the time. The family appears to be in turmoil. Group Application of a Family System Approach Purpose In this exercise you will work in a group and help each other grasp the commonalities, differentiators, contributions and limitations among the various family therapy system approaches. The groups are set up so you can read the other group’s contributions and summary at the end of the week. You will not be able to post in any other group other than your own. Instructions In your group, read the scenario. Consider this family’s situation and select a Family Systems approach that you think will best address this family’s situation. Explain how the situation will best be addressed using the selected approach. In your summary: Explain why you think the approach you chose is the best. Include its contribution and what is has in common with all the family system approaches. Discuss the approach’s limitations and how these limitations differ from other family systems approaches. Address how well (or not) this family therapy system approach can be applied to diverse audiences (i.e. women, LGBTQ community, people from diverse cultural backgrounds, etc.). Illustrate you position with examples. Appropriately cite your work according to APA guidelines. You are encouraged to use the Credo LIterati references, counseling videos, or any other reliable source of information. Do not hesitate to reach out to the dedicated librarian if you have questions regarding reliable resources. Write no more than 1000 word summary using at least two sources in addition to your text. Your summary needs to be written in one voice even though there will be multiple contributors. Strategic family therapy Contributions and Limitations of Family Systems Approaches in Multicultural Counseling Salvador MinuchinPurpose Appreciate the the family systems approaches that could be helpful in multicultural counseling situations. Instructions Identify two contributions from the family systems approaches that could be beneficial in multicultural counseling. Describe what are a couple of limitations in family systems approaches that could be prohibitive in multicultural counseling. Justify your answers.

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