Developmental Psychology

What are the strengths and limitations ofof Piaget, Erickson, and Vygotsky theories in relations to the developmental processes. Are there any similarities and differences between them?
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(1) What are the strengths and limitations of Piaget, Erickson, and Vygotsky theories in relations to the developmental processes?

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*The theories of Piaget, Vygotsky and Erickson

(a) Piaget’s cognitive development theory held that children go through four stages of cognitive development. Two processes underlie his theory: (1) the way we organize observations and experiences of the world, and (2) they way in which individuals adapt to the world.

(b) Erickson emphasized developmental changes throughout the lifespan. He theorized that eight stages of development unfolded as individuals progressed throughout the lifespan. According to Erickson, in each stage the individual is confronted with a conflict in which he or she shows increased vulnerability or enhanced potential.

(c) Vygotsky held a socio-cultural cognitive perspective that held that children construct knowledge through social interaction and culture. For example, he believed that the development of memory, attention, and reason involved learning from societal interventions such as computers. Through social and cultural interaction children learn to use skills that help them adapt to that particular culture and …

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