Summary: Case Study: James, a local businessman, is speaking at a local forum in a regional city. The forum has been organised to discuss ways of dealing with the local drought conditions and to consider how this region of Australia could be more productive and wealthier. Drawing on a comment made by the former Federal Treasurer, Joe Hockey, James argues that there are not enough ‘lifters’ and too many ‘leaners’ in the community. On the basis of providing incentives for people to ‘get off their backsides’, as James puts it, he supports proposals for patients to individually pay more for a visit to a doctor, and for university students to pay more for the ‘privilege’ of going to university, as well as policies to ‘work for the dole’ and for unemployed people to have to wait for six months to receive income support. He contends that people are not doing enough to live with the drought conditions, that not enough people are taking initiative and finding creative solutions, and that there are too many people on welfare. To get the community moving, he argues, people have to take more individual responsibility for their own livelihoods. Jayda, a local community development worker, responds by pointing out that most members of the community agree that people should work together to find creative ways of helping each other, and that in fact they actually do this, through such projects as community gardens and multicultural food fairs. But they also need enabling conditions and support from government, such as the free use of council land and set-up funds from the State Government. Jayda refers to the writings of the sociologist Anthony Giddens, who has argued for generative politics, which, while seeking to enable people to ‘make things happen’, also provides support and organisational frameworks to facilitate their autonomy. Based on the case presented above describe James’ ideas with reference to theoretical perspectives discussed in week 2 (I will send link for this). What is his view to development and how is it expressed in this case? Why does Jayda disagree with James? Whom do you agree with? Why? (Max. 500 words)

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