becoming better adjusted

Part 1 – Self-Analysis What is the area of your life where you feel you could be better adjusted? Explain how lack of adjustment in this area has negatively impacted your life. Provide a background of how this behavior and/or belief system came to be. What are the triggers or antecedents that trigger or impact this behavior and/or belief system? Part 2 – Research (in this section you must pull information from a minimum of three scholarly sources) What are the benefits of living a well-adjusted life? What are the long-term consequences of being maladjusted in the behavior and/or belief system that you identified in Part 1? What strategies have others employed to become more adjusted in the behavior and/or belief system that you identified in Part 1? Part 3 – Behavior Modification Plan Create a behavior modification plan for the behavior and/or belief system that you identified in part 1. What is your desired outcome? What specific steps will you take to make the needed changes? What is the time frame for these steps? How will you set up a system of accountability to help you make these changes? What benefits do you believe you will receive if you are successful with your behavior modification plan? This paper should be five to seven pages double spaced and written in proper APA format. In addition to the minimum page count (i.e., five pages and one line minimum) you should also include a cover page and a reference page in APA format. Use a minimum of three additional sources in addition to your textbook to support your points.

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