Adolescent Attachment

Explore adolescent attachment and its developmental impact. Choose two issues related to adolescent attachment (for example, attachment relationships w/parents and /or peers, the nature of attachment system in adolescence, or social information processing) and discuss their effect on adolescent development.
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One scholarly article to consider is this one:

Dykas, M. J., Ziv, Y., & Cassidy, J. (2008). Attachment and peer relations in adolescence. Attachment & Human Development, 10(2), 123-141.

The article indicates that normal, positive attachment in teens is a major factor in their ability to secure positive peer relationships. The authors suggest that “As expected, secure/autonomous adolescents were more likely than insecure/dismissing adolescents to be perceived as behaving prosocially, and less likely to be perceived as aggressive, shy-withdrawn, and victimized by peers” (123). The article specifies how “Current attachment theory suggests that attachment representations are linked to peer relations in part because these representations might guide the processing of peer-related information, and this social information-processing may, in turn, guide socially oriented behavior and influence how children’s and adolescents’ peers come to perceive them” (125).

The article …

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